QualitiC provides quality advice to growing companies, that want to succeed in the export. By the end of 2014, Gerard Heerkens created this structure, allowing companies to make targeted improvements more easily.

The best is to act in a preventive way and not to wait until incidents occur. QualitiC is there to identify the risks and to help you with your exporting process, continuous improvement as well as your performance in audits.

Gerard Heerkens
Gerard Heerkens worked during 16 years as a quality manager in the food industry. He’s a pleasant personality, serious, working quietly and thoroughly to identify the gaps.

With an international background, he speaks 5 languages. It’s ideal to perform projects with an international character, such as the translation of foreign audits, the management of international regulatory aspects and the practical implementation of the (stricter) requirements from export customers.

How can we help you?

  • Do you want to improve your quality management system?
  • You wish to reduce your time spent on resolving non-conformities?
  • Do you like to reduce the (metal) foreign body complaints? Please have a look to everything you can do, to reduce metal contamination
  • QualitiC can help you with the work get done during periods of growth
  • By offering an external vision and practical support on continuous improvement

The mission of QualitiC
It’s the mission of QualitiC: to help the companies to obtain their quality objectives. Assure that all the requirements are fulfilled in a comfortable and practical way.

Because Quality is a passionate job. It’s a key element in customer loyalty and indispensable to attract new customers.

If you like to contact me, you will find my contact data on the page Contact.