My reasons to help you to improve your quality management system

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Gerard Heerkens – Quality Consultant

Often people ask me why I started working as a quality consultant. A beautiful question to which I can always answer with pleasure:

  • A quality manager loves to improve the quality. By a better quality management system, a few customer complaints, good audit results and satisfied customers.
  • On my previous job, I have observed that these objectives are sometimes hard to realise. Many meetings, daily work, audits, management reviews, norm and legislation changes. All these things happened often in the same month.
  • Sometimes there was the possibility to hire a consultant. That gave us possibility to make huge progress. Another vision on the work, the knowledge and experience accelerated the improvement process.
  • This resulted in more available time to better inform the colleagues about the importance of quality. The audits were going better and I could act more comfortably.
  • The quality management system improved gradually. It’s maintenance was getting easier.
  • All that made it possible to concentrate myself on my real tasks : giving personnel trainings, anticipate to further developments and applying continuous improvement. My work was getting more pleasant and more interesting.

I could carry out all the necessary tasks and I was getting more efficient. I observe that my own story is always very actual in the producing industry. By helping with the quality management, I like to share this positive feeling in combination of 17 years of experience. And help you with making real continuous improvement, to improve your customer satisfaction.

That’s why I have chosen to start my activity as a quality consultant.

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