What to do with the rejected products?

180518lock - sara sims
Photo: sara sims “lock” by Flickr

The rejected products are collected in a closed bin. Only authorised employees have access to this bin. It’s important, that the rejected products are analysed directly to obtain the cause. Different scenarios are possible:

  • There is a false positive rejection. Its cause analyses is evenly important, because false positives should be minimized
  • There is a part of a machine which is broken. The risk of another contamination is present, so it is necessary to be extra alert
  • A foreign body which is unknown in the process has been found. An attempt to know where it comes from is worth the effort. Of course, this can only be done in case of a direct analysis of the product

The rejected products are considered as non-conforming. The found bodies are used as input to write a trend analysis. This analysis helps you to take improvement actions.

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