Tips for an optimal operation of your metal control program

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Include the metal detectors in your machine maintenance program – Choose a qualified company for the maintenance, which gives you a guarantee of an optimal operation of your detector. Integrate the detector calibration in this maintenance service.

  • Training of your personnel, at least twice a year and in the case of changes – If you carry out this training following the method described in the next chapter, you will be aware of everyday issues. You ensure continuous improvement and trust in the system
  • Include metal detection in educating your staff on hygiene topics – For a perfect management of your metal detection program, it’s essential that everyone is informed. This is only possible with regular training sessions
  • Optimization of the production capacity on the lines where the detectors are in place – Employees need time to properly ensure the metal detection process. A bad planning of the lines generates all kinds of failures in your process
  • The implementation of a foreign body policy – The metal bodies represent only 1 category of foreign bodies. Integrate foreign bodies in the system to make improvements on this topic
  • Application of continuous improvement techniques – Optimize your metal detection continuously: the size of the rejected bodies, the rejection mechanism, the precision and the reliability
  • Well integrate the metal detectors in the line – Ensure yourself that the lines, its transmissions and the sensors are set correctly
  • Implementation of a practical test procedure – The instruction panel and the rejected products bin are on the same side of the line. Ensure that the products to be tested can be well placed in the flow of the line. Determine whether there are automated data processing capabilities
  • Minimizing false positives – Your product and circumstances may trigger metal free products to be rejected. In order to minimize such false positives, it is recommended to carry out a root cause analysis and to properly adapt your process

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