What does it take to ensure a proper operation of your metal detection program?

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When your process runs smoothly without interruptions, you have less chance of fails in the metal detection system. Interruptions can negatively affect the reliability of your detection system:

  • Continuity of the process during breaks – Is staff replacement well organized during breaks? Is everyone aware of his responsibilities?
  • Faults and breakdowns – In the event of a breakdown of the production line, the products must be properly collected. After that, there is an additional amount of products to be detected that needs to be treated as seriously as any other
  • Pre-recorded forms – A very bad practice, however quite common. Pay attention to this in order to avoid mistakes
  • Unsigned forms – Forms which are not signed off are of no added value, because in the case of mistakes, nobody can be hold responsible
  • Products accumulation before the metal detector – An overcapacity of the line. Your metal detector is surely not adjusted to this situation and that contaminated products pass through without any problem
  • Stress or chaotic working conditions – This can cause a drop in concentration and less attention for important things. Derivation = Risk that contaminated product pass the metal detector
  • “Forget” to test the metal detector at the scheduled intervals – The metal detector needs to be tested at the time of scheduled interval, otherwise there will be skipped test moments
  • The software security, with the associated authorisations – It’s a very good practice to relate all this to a competence matrix. The passwords need to be treated with the utmost attention
  • The clarity about the metal detector – Ensure that the function of the metal detector is clear to all employees so that only the correct actions are performed (Always!)
  • New employees on the packaging department – Integrate the metal detection in the training of your new employees to clarify its function in the process
  • Rework – Reworked products need also to pass through the metal detector
  • Products that were taken out before the metal detector – This (semi-finished) are often used for product development purposes and risk to leave the company without being metal detected!

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