Tips for an optimal operation of your metal control program

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Include the metal detectors in your machine maintenance program – Choose a qualified company for the maintenance, which gives you a guarantee of an optimal operation of your detector. Integrate the detector calibration in this maintenance service. Continue reading “Tips for an optimal operation of your metal control program”

Allow external audits to run optimally

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Given the importance of external audits, see previous articles, it’s primordial to put much more resources in it than you were used to. That permits to increase the score, the awareness and team spirit of your employees. Continue reading “Allow external audits to run optimally”

The external auditor – The organisation specialist

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The external auditor is often underestimated by organisations, which is strongly discouraged. People don’t realize that the requirements on auditors are very high. A relevant experience in the sector and a broad organisational knowledge are minimum requirements. Continue reading “The external auditor – The organisation specialist”

What’s the importance of an external audit?

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An external audit is a measuring moment done by an external party. This moment has a defined duration. There is the beginning, the audit and the auditor leaves and the result is there. Afterwards, nothing can be changed. We find ourselves with the result and the actions to be taken: Continue reading “What’s the importance of an external audit?”

Which method and preparation to use to ensure an excellent audit result?

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Only one method works to obtain an excellent audit result. It’s looking to your company through the eyes of the auditor. That’s quite more demanding and it asks for a change in the way of working. Continue reading “Which method and preparation to use to ensure an excellent audit result?”

Certification – The certificate: Starting point or Finish?

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A quality certificate is a must if there is a wish to be considered as a serious business partner. It’s one of the first questions when a company presents itself to a new customer or enters a new market. Continue reading “Certification – The certificate: Starting point or Finish?”

The failure of a certified system

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Your company is certified. That allows you and your customers the assurance of the product quality. Once obtained, a loss of attention on your quality processes may occur. The organisation works well and isn’t ready to improve the quality level, people are satisfied. Continue reading “The failure of a certified system”